Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Panty Thief caught!

Even in this convoluted world, life in the Bermejales area of Orocovis is quiet.

That is until the Panty thief struck!

According to Lt. Candido Pagán, spokesperson for the Police, a 29 year old mother and wife had 83 of her panties stolen from her clotheslines in the last weeks. A sting operation was assembled and luckily the culprit was caught.

Luis Serrano Nogueras, 38, a neighbor of the victim was responsible for the theft. A single man living with his family, Serrano had a crush with his neighbor, and that's why he acted in such a bizarre fashion. He being held on a $20,000. bond on Bayamon's penitentary, pending more charges.


But funny!

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Sings-With-Spirits said...





Y'know, I can understand changing panties a couple of times a day, but A) 83 is a ridiculous number of panties and B) Didn't she like, notice that her panties were DISSAPPEARING FROM HER FRAKKIN' CLOTHESLINE?

I don't know about you, but if all of my panties dissappeared from my clothesline I'd kinda do something about it, like not hanging them out to dry outside, use a hair dryer, cooling rack and fan or local laundromat and then I'd keep an eye out on my damn laundry line!


Oh, and don't tell me that she hung out all 83 pairs at once... I don't need to imagine her house dressed like a cruise ship in INTERCO...