Monday, July 20, 2009

Futurama comes back...but without it's original voices!

Even though Futurama is returning to television come 2010, no members from the original voice cast will be joining the show!!!

Comedy Central and 20th TV weren't able to negotiate a deal with the show's original cast, which included actors such as Katey Sagal and Billy West, because the cable network and studio refused to pony up the $$$$$$!

The studio offered the former cast "modest pay increases" from their original salaries, but all of the actors rejected the offer, leaving studio heads hunting for a replacement cast.

It's suckalicious!

Futurama creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen are expected to approach the topic at a panel during this year's Comic-Con convention in San Diego.

Groening and Cohen better prepare for a mob of angry fans to answer to!!

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Sings-With-Spirits said...

If done correctly, it could be absolutely hilarious.